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Cody (Cummins) Prentice

Cody (Cummins) Prentice

SEO, UX/UI, Design & Brand Expert

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  • SEO Manager @ SPark SMG / Apr 13' - Present

    I’m currently managing a team of 2 in SEO efforts at Spark SMG (a Starcom MediaVest Group company). We work with a variety of brands across multiple industries including finance, technology, e-commerce and automotive. Because we are a full service media agency at Spark, I have been able to work extremely close with all aspects of digital media strategy and planning. This experience has proven to be an invaluable lesson in overall brand strategy across multiple channels, expanding my focus area well beyond search engine marketing. 

  • SEO Specialist @ iProspect / Mar 12' - Apr 13'

    iProspect marked the beginning of my journey back into the agency world. I was lucky enough to work on the General Motors business from the Chicago office, managing SEO efforts for many GM brands including OnStar, GM Fleet & Commercial and GM.com. Through cross team coordination with developers and creative teams, we were able to recommend and implement various strategies that lead to serious increases in organic search rankings and traffic growth, ultimately leading to better conversions and KPI’s. Leveraging all devices in our organic search strategies, was the biggest factor in increased conversions. 

  • Dir. of Marketing @ Phoenix Rising / Dec 09' - Mar 12'

    Phoenix Rising Home Staging and Interior Design started as a side project for Fresh Horizon Realty. The goal was to service financial institution’s troubled assets and vacant properties. We would provide designers to implement changes and furniture placement to enhance the “sale-ability” of a home. Once many of these financial institutions where purchased by larger banks, much of this business dried up. Phoenix Rising’s inventory then sat idle collecting dust in a warehouse and costing the company roughly $6,000 a month in expenses. I then built a website for this division in June of 2011 and quickly achieved first page rankings for our targeted keywords. I handled all of the email marketing, social integration and CRM database management along with the SEM/SEO. When I left in March, this company was executing between 15-30 new contracts each month bringing in roughly $30,000-$45,000 in gross revenue. The company continues to hold the #1 spot in Google’s SERP’s.

  • Dir. of Marketing @ Fresh Horizon / Dec 09' - Mar 12'

    Fresh Horizon Realty is a boutique real estate firm in the city of Chicago. There are a few different divisions within this company in which I handled all aspects of marketing and advertising, including property management and home staging. E-mail marketing, CRM management, PPC & SEM were huge components to the overall marketing strategies used here, as well as some grass roots “Gorilla” marketing. Our grass roots campaigns consisted of a huge home buyers tax credit push in which we distributed brochures, flyer’s and emails to all agents within the vicinity of multiple units buildings in which Fresh Horizon had the bulk listing. We also ran radio and television ads to accompany a few of these campaigns, and were able to drive enough buzz and foot traffic to sell out all multi-unit buildings during one of the toughest housing market down-turns on record.

  • Dir. of Marketing @ Z Battery / Jul 09' - Dec 09'

    Z-battery.com is an online retailer of wholesale batteries as well as the third largest distributor of Maglite® products and accessories. During my contract period as the director of marketing, I was in charge of optimizing all PPC campaigns and product feeds for the company. I created email marketing campaigns, managed all content on the website and created all graphics for print and web purposes. I was able to increase first page rankings on multiple keywords through my SEO strategies, leading to traffic gains in organic search.

  • Account Manager @ Local Launch (Dex) / Feb 08' - Mar 09'

    At Local Launch, now known as Dex Search Marketing, I worked as a PPC Account Manager. I managed a couple hundred accounts at one time, from small clients with little budgets, to larger clients with big budgets. I was in charge of building and optimizing each campaign, as well as developing new landing pages for each business. I handled a lot of copywriting for each client, as well as some quality assurance on my colleague’s accounts. Unfortunately the Chicago office closed down and moved operations to Denver and San Diego.