Moz SEO Toolbar Updates

Moz SEO Toolbar Updates

Moz SEO Toolbar

Today it look’s like some new updates have gone live with the Moz SEO (MozBar) toolbar extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. If you haven’t used this toolbar for SEO purposes yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. As a guy who practices SEO every day for all both small and large clients, as well as personal use and curiosity, this tool gives me great insights with out having to dig too far. I guess you can call it the all-in-one lazy man’s tool for quick SEO analysis.

So What is the Moz SEO Toolbar?

The Moz SEO Toolbar or “Moz Bar” is a browser plugin that gives you valuable SEO metrics and insights at a glance within your web browser. Simply install the plugin from the Chrome Web Store (or from the Moz website here), set up a Moz account (basic participant access is free) and then sign in either through Moz.com or in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar. Then once you perform a search within Google, you will notice some interesting data overlays that appear at the very top of the browser, or directly below each search result (as an overlay).

With the MozBar SEO Toolbar, you can:

  • Access Important SEO metrics as you search and surf the web
  • Create custom & personalized searches by search engine, country, region or city
  • Discover how difficult it might be to rank for a given keyword or query
  • Expose page elements with the page overlay
  • Preview and validate authorship, schema.org and other markup within the browser
  • View social metrics for Facebook, Twitter and Google+

So what are the changes?

Among the cosmetic changes that are easy to spot, there is definitely some added features that are pretty awesome.

First a look at the cosmetic changes:

The changes to the SERP overlay are purely cosmetic, looking much more prominent now and standing out a bit more within the search results.

MozBar overlay before image:

Old MozBar SERP Overlay

MozBar overlay after image:

New MozBar SERP Overlay

About the author / Cody Prentice

Cody (Cummins) Prentice is just a pixel geek and lover of all things digital and creative. I have spent quite a bit of time in digital marketing and designing websites in my spare time. Always interested in new opportunities!

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